Global All Star Tiny Miss Age 3-4

Global All Star Little Miss Age 5-6

Global All Star Jr. Miss Age 7-9

Global All Star Pre-Teen 10-12

Global All Star Jr. Teen 13-15

Global All Star Teen 16-18

Global Miss All Star 19-27

Global All Star Mrs. 21-49

Global All Star Ms. 21-49

Global All Star Classic 50-70

Global All Star Elite 71-Up

Online title entry only there is no live pageant event to travel to saving you thousands in Hotel, Food, Travel, Wardrobe, and other costly expenses. Be sure to attach your best photo to your form and your Interview question is on your form. Take your time to answer. Your Fee if selected may be paid in two payments. of $148.00 each. The first due once notified if you were selected. The second payment no more than 4 weeks after.  Or pay all at once. No crown or sash will be ordered until paid in full. 

Global Miss All Star 2022 is the triple threat, she is beautiful, kind and talented through the arts and or modeling.  She will determine her own role in this title. We hope to choose girls and women who enjoy serving others and doing good things in their community. You are the Keepers of the Stars, sprinkling star dust everywhere you go.  Start Now and fill in your form and we will announce the Global All Star Queens on  12-12-21 at 8PM EST